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Welcome to Dancing Doula!

I am a board certified birth /  postpartum doula - 
Doula Association of North America (DONA). 


I am a certified Hatha Yoga instructor for over 20 years.
I currently  specialize in prenatal, parent-baby and
postpartum yoga.


I teach weekly open level, vinyasa, and 
restorative yoga classes. 


I am a birth educator.
I offer in-home private birth education consultations.

In addition to yoga, I  I have a background  teaching and performing the ancient dance  Raqs Sharqi, AKA "Bellydance." Raqs Sharqui is the earliest form of birth and fertility dance ritual. Many of the organic movements of this dance form helps to strengthen and  tone the body (focusing on the  belly and hips)  as well as promoting strength, grace, joy, flexibility; and encourages receptivity within the process of labor and birth. Hip movements and upright movement and dance  also encourage relaxation and  the flow of labor. 


While not every women will want to dance through her labor, I enjoy incorporating some of the more low impact and earthy moves  into my weekly  prenatal yoga classes as additional coping tools to practice for labor and birth.

I am  honored to do this work and passionate about 

supporting birthing moms and their families through their

sacred journey through pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

In The News:


Relax at the end of a long week in this evening Prenatal class conveniently located at Shantideva Studio

Fridays 7:15 to 8:30



Proud to be part of the 200 hour teacher training at Jewel Yoga Studio. I'll be teaching the Prenatal Yoga segment. 

Saturday April 6th, 2019

6:30 to 9:30pm



Too busy to attend a group birth education course? I offer in home private birth education consultations tailored to meet your schedule and individual needs. MORE INFO