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A birth doula provides continuous support for birthing mothers.

Doulas offer physical, emotional, and breath-centered comfort techniques throughout labor.


We advocate for birthing mothers, partners, newborn babies and theirfamilies in a hospital or home setting.


We provide research-based references and information before and after birth and help to ensure that birthing mothers feel safe and confident throughout the birthing process.


As a doula, I am committed to helping women navigate through the birthing process and support each woman's right to have the birth that she envisions for herself.  I provide gentle, non-invasive care; and physical and emotional support through labor, birth, and postpartum. I help to support laboring moms, encouraging relaxation through a variety of trained physical, energetic, and breath-focused techniques.

In the case of a difficult, medicated, emergency or planned Cesarean birth, I can offer guidance and support throughout the process and provide  immediate postpartum support  to encourage bonding and breastfeeding .


As an experienced  prenatal  and postpartum yoga instructor , I have worked with women at all stages of pregnancy. I encourage women to connect with their babies, honor their breath, and trust the natural intuitive process of pregnancy and birth.


I believe every birthing mother should have access to this type of support and am happy to discuss sliding scale fees for lower income families.


How is a birth doula different from a midwife? A midwife is there for medical support and to ' catch" your baby, while the duties of a midwife may vary, they may not have the time to be with you throughout your labor . A birth doula does not provide medical services, but we are there to serve you throughout your pregnancy, as well as during labor and birth.  a birth doula is hired independent of any medical institution and is there for your specific needs. holding your hand or offering other, more personal forms of support and guidance .

Birth Doula Rates and Services


From ancient times until today in many traditional cultures; the arrival of a new baby is honored and supported by the presence of close  family members who  nurture both the mother and child through the first several weeks or even months after the birth.  They encouraging nutrition and rest, share nursing and baby-care advice, and support the new mother as she adjusts to life with her newborn.


Unfortunately modern-day mothers and families do not always have a built-in support system when they bring their newborn baby home. Postpartum doulas are trained to nurture and care for new families , ands understand that parents, whether new or experienced, need time to adjust to their additional responsibilities.


The support of a  postpartum doula can help to reduce the chances of postpartum anxiety and depression and we  can provide additional; postpartum resources that can help new families stay connected and  to adjust to the challenges of the " 4th trimester" 


My goal is to educate, encourage and support parents about their
own instincts in meeting each of their children's needs.  

I offer emotional and physical comfort and support, breast feeding advice,
evidence-based information and referrals.  

I educate parents about newborn care, bonding and soothing techniques. 

I strive to listen non- judgmentally & support unconditionally.  

I help new parents create a peaceful, nurturing, safe space for
new families to rest, bond and acclimate to their new family life.


What services does a Postpartum doula provide?