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How does a BIRTH DOULA Help?
The presence of a doula at your birth supports and nurtures the natural process of labor and birth. It also prevents unwanted medical interventions.

There are three types of Doula Services that I provide:  PRENATAL, BIRTH and POSTPARTUM Doula Services.



  • Provide continuous support for birthing clients from labor through birth and into early postpartum

  • Offer physical, emotional, and breath-centered
    comfort techniques, counter pressures and massage

  • Step in when hospital advocacy  is needed and help
    to provide evidence based information  

  • Honor your  optimal vision of how you would like to give birth

  • Educate and empower birthing parents

  • Help you to explore your birthing rights and choices 

  • Can help you to stay at home longer before going
    to the hospital

My  Virtual Birth Doula Support Package includes:


May be split into 2 - 4 virtual visits   (4 hours total)

These visits cover : 

  • The physiological process of labor and birth and what to expect through the different stages of labor 

  • Exploring  natural and medicinal pain relief including: interventions,  medications and hospital protocols 

  • Patient choices and rights. Guidance in writing a birth preference plan (templates provided)

  • Breathing techniques

  • Counter pressures, position changes, massage techniques, vocalizations and other comfort measures

  • Evidence based information and referrals as needed 

  • A list  of what to have at home and in the hospital to ease your labor, birth and postpartum



  • 4 hours of prenatal consultations  

  • 1 postpartum virtual consultation​

Fee: $850


  • Half hour postpartum visit​

Fee : $50 


  • 4 hours of birth education

  • Educational printed material 

  • Guidance writing a birth preference plan (templates provided)

Fee : $375


From ancient times until today in many traditional cultures; the arrival of a new baby is honored and supported by the presence of close  family members who  nurture both the mother and child through the first several weeks or even months after the birth. They encouraging nutrition and rest, share nursing and baby-care advice, and support the new mother and her family.

Unfortunately modern-day families do not always have a built-in support system when they bring their  baby home. Postpartum doulas are trained to nurture and care for new families , and understand that parents, whether new or experienced, need time to adjust to their additional responsibilities.Postpartum doulas ;

  • Offer emotional and physical comfort and support, breast feeding advice,

  • Educate parents about newborn care, bonding and soothing techniques. 

  • Provide evidence-based information, and referrals. 

  • Educate, encourage and support new parents  

  • Help to guide and encourage  new parents  to trust their instincts  and bond with their newborns.

  • Help care fro siblings

  • Help to cook nutritious meals , tidy up( light cleaning) , run errands , and help the family adjust to life with a newborn.

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